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The Bailey Foundation creates opportunities for youth to become
positive adults who impact the world in inspiring ways.

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Text “FUNMEALS” to 741-21 for free food distribution and delivery. Get fresh boxes of produce, milk, and a variety of free meals for each child in your household.

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Let’s work together to provide resources for our youth and pave the way for a brighter future. 

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The Bailey Foundation is here to support, encourage, and transform the community as a whole, while fostering and enriching the lives of youth as the center of our ever-changing world. We are dedicated to taking action and changing lives through our nutrition services, child and family support programs, enrichment programs, and community action initiatives.

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Dream Life

We provide assistance you need without the shame.

We are here to provide the assistance you need. Many do not know when or where they are going to get their next meal. At The Bailey Foundation we believe the future looks like the moment when you know where your next meal is coming from. When you have cabinets stocked full, and the children in your life are healthy, it is so much easier to navigate life with less stress. Through food assistance, job placement and youth development, The Bailey Foundations has crafted a truly unique organization, with the ability to continue to serve thousands.


Sometimes all it takes is someone to reach out and offer comfort.

Sometimes all it takes is someone to reach out and offer comfort. At The Bailey Foundation we believe in creating a service that is customizable to your needs. Whether you desire a one-time service or weekly delivery we are able to provide whatever you need. We know you’ve been working as hard as you can to provide as much as you can. Many times, life simply won’t allow you to do much more than that...to try. That’s where The Bailey Foundation comes in.

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You’re in the Right Place

We work alongside you. Whether you’re a...
  • Parent or guardian who’s fallen on hard times, and needs help that doesn’t require anything in return.
  • Teacher who wants to help enrich the lives of your students, and help beyond the classroom.
  • Minister that sees a gap in the community and daily assistance, and wants to partner with an organization that knows the ins and outs.
  • Organization Leader who’s been searching for a partner in similar work.
  • Summer school director on the hunt for another program to sustain the needs of your attendees.

We’re here to help.

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Apples for food program


The Bailey Foundation offers a variety of food programs to various organizations and institutions across a number of regions. Whether you are a school/camp that needs meals for your students, or a family looking for additional assistance, we have a food program that fits your specific needs.

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Colored pencils for enrichment program


We believe in empowering the lives of our communities' youths in more ways than one. Through our specialized enrichment programs, your students, children and program attendees get the tools they need to be great leaders of tomorrow. We aim to make a difference in their lives, even for just a few hours a day.

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We welcome volunteers year-round to help contribute to our efforts in shaping lives locally and nationally. Find out where we need the most support, or tell us what you specialize in, so we can use your skills in the best way possible.

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