Fun Meals

Girl sipping orange juice

Children need healthy food throughout the day to grow, learn, and stay active. 

Many students have an early start to their day or an early lunch period, leaving them hungry by the end of the school day. We work with you to provide meals to your students  to ensure that your children are properly fueled no matter what comes their way!

Partner With Us
Fresh fun summer meal ingredients

Fresh Fun
Summer Meals

We provide meals for children at schools and camps during the summer months, free of charge.

Kids playing soccer after school

Fresh Fun
Afterschool Meals

We provide meals for children involved in after school activities such as sports, the arts or clubs

Girl eating a snack

Snack Pack

We provide weekly snack packs of stable and kid-friendly food perfect for children of all ages

Kids eating breakfast

Fuel Before School

We’d be glad to partner with you to make sure your students start the day with a nutritious breakfast